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The Hartford Old House Club sponsors a discussion list where members can join in and ask questions of the other members and maybe chime in wth their own areas of expertise.

For those not familiar with email lists it works by sending an email to the list and then the list will resend that email to all the list members. Sort of like sitting in a room having a discussion except a fair bit slower.

Subscription page

Some notes about the list:

The list is not moderated. That means anything you post will be seen by the other members, so try to be nice.
Please stay on topic. That is about Old Houses in the Greater Hartford area.
Keep politics, religion and sex off the list unless it really pertains to Old Houses.

Put the list to good use.


Announcement List

The Hartford Old House Club sponsors an email announcements list. It's purpose is for sending out club event notices and other informational materials. This list is for those that are interested in the things that the Old House club is doing but don't wish to follow the discussion list.



Stay Connected:

discussion list
an email based discussion forum
subscription instructions

announcement list

an email list for those not interested in the discussion list but are interested in group announcements